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In accordance with the LAW ON THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA PSBiH No. 308/06 of May 23, 2006, the travel agency Otkrij Tours ISU d.o.o. Breza (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) collects, processes and stores the personal data of its users, taking care of their protection and adhering to legal provisions, in order to create and maintain the trust of its users.

Any information on the basis of which your identity can be determined is considered personal data. In the following text of this statement, we provide detailed information on how and for what purpose the Agency collects, processes and stores your personal data, and what are the conditions under which reservations are processed and the travel organization and provision of services at the Agency take place.


Within the framework of its operations, the Agency may represent the manager or executor of data processing, depending on the circumstances of the work during which data processing is carried out.

The manager of personal data processing is defined as a natural or legal person who collects personal data of clients, and determines the purpose and method of their processing and is responsible for the data being processed in accordance with applicable national and European regulations.

A data processor is defined as a natural or legal person who processes clients’ personal data on behalf of the data processor in accordance with current legal regulations.


Certain personal data of clients is necessary for the Agency’s operations, and the Agency undertakes to act with the obtained data extremely responsibly and in accordance with applicable legal regulations. It is your right to refuse to provide personal data to the Agency, but in that case the Agency may not be able to provide you with the services you are interested in, due to the nature of the work the Agency performs.

From your personal data, we collect: name and surname, date and place of birth, address, e-mail address, phone number, mobile phone number, OIB, type, number and validity period of identification document, number, date and place of visa issuance, handwritten signature , data on debit/credit cards or data on another means of payment and handwritten signature.

We collect your personal data directly from you or indirectly (from sub-agents with whom we have business cooperation, or from third parties with whom we have entered into an Agreement on the use of our services – e.g. Associations, Companies, Companies that organize travel for their employees or users), and this when booking our services, then by sending an inquiry for our services via e-mail or by sending an inquiry via our website www.otkrijtours.com

For the marketing activities of the Agency (informing about products and services), we collect and process your personal data with your consent, by giving Consent, and in cases where personal data is required for the provision of services and the performance of contractual obligations in which you are a contractual party, or in order to conclusion of the contract, at your request, took the necessary actions for the conclusion of the contract, we collect and process your personal data without your consent.

The Agency collects, uses and stores personal data collected through the granting of Consent for marketing activities indefinitely, i.e. until the moment the Consent lasts. Promotional materials include information about the Agency’s services, special offers and news in the form of electronic or physical leaflets, brochures or newsletters. By granting the Consent, the Agency undertakes to collect, use and store personal data exclusively for the purpose for which the Consent was granted. You can disable the marketing service at any time by activating the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link at the bottom of the electronic newsletter, or by sending a written request for termination and deletion from the list of users of the Agency’s marketing activities.


In order to achieve the stated purposes and for the service you requested from the Agency to be fully provided, in some cases the Agency must make your personal data available to third parties, who further handle the client’s personal data as personal data processors. These can be: bus carriers, airlines, accommodation and catering establishments, insurance companies, banks, or other travel agencies. Also, in order to achieve the stated purposes, personal data may be available to third parties who handle your data as processors of personal data, and these may be other travel agencies or companies for which the Agency performs various services (e.g. IT companies).

As the Agency provides travel organization services to EU and non-EU countries, your personal data may be accessible to third parties within the EU or to companies outside the EU, only if they are necessary for the fulfillment of contractual obligations and the provision of services or part of services that are an integral part of the concluded tourist contract. package deal. Data may be available to third parties in these cases exclusively for business purposes for the provision of services provided by the company in question (eg, another travel agency acting as a subagent or an accommodation facility where the user of the service is accommodated). The Agency will not make your personal data available to entities that are not authorized to process them.


Access to your personal data obtained via the Agency’s website is limited and is only available to Agency employees who use them in the regular performance of their work, in accordance with the previous explanations in this Statement.

In case of cessation of operation or shutdown of the company Otkrij Tours ISU d.o.o. undertakes to delete all obtained personal data and not to transfer it to other legal and natural persons.

The Agency uses cookies on its website that enable it to monitor and collect data on the behavior of website users. The Agency reserves the right to use cookies, and every user of the Agency’s website can manage cookie settings on their Internet browser. If there are links on the Agency’s website to other websites, in terms of providing additional information related to travel, the visa system, information about destinations, sailing or train schedules, and similar information, the Agency disassociates itself from the Privacy Policy of other websites.

Content on the website Otkrij Tours ISU d.o.o. is owned by Otkrij Tours ISU d.o.o. including all text and image content, therefore copying, use or misuse of information and photographs for commercial purposes is not permitted without prior permission of the author of the photograph and copyright.


In accordance with the legal regulation on the protection of personal data, users whose personal data the Agency possesses have the right to:

  • Information about which of your personal data the Agency possesses, and how that data was collected and for what purpose it was collected
  • Information about the manager and processor of your personal data
  • Correction of your personal data if your personal data has changed
  • Withdrawal of your Consent for the use and processing of data
  • Objection to the Agency on the processing and use of your personal data
  • Deletion of your personal data if the purpose of their collection has been fulfilled and the legal requirements for the same have been met

If you have given your Consent for marketing activities to the Agency, you have the right to withdraw your Consent and delete your personal data at any time, with a written request to the Agency.

You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing at the Agency if you believe that there has been a violation of the processing of your personal data or if you no longer wish to be on the list for the Agency’s marketing activities (sending electronic and postal leaflets or brochures and information about products and services of the Agency). Based on your complaint, the Agency will no longer process and use your personal data.

If you believe that there has been a violation or violation of your rights regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data, you have the right to contact the competent authorities and institutions (Personal Data Protection Agency).


All information about the collection, processing and use of your personal data, as well as answers to all questions related to the same, can be obtained at our office or by e-mail at:

Otkrij Tours ISU d.o.o. / Discover Tours ISU Ltd travel agency
Alije Izetbegovića ”Zanatski centar”, Breza
Phone: +387 (0) 32 785 525
E-Mail: otkrijtours@gmail.com


Discover Tours ISU d.o.o. reserves the right to amend and supplement the Privacy Statement in accordance with legal regulations and changes thereof, and undertakes to publish the latest updated Statement on the website www.otkrijtours.com

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There are many fascinating destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina for every type of tourist. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, one gets the best of both worlds. Here, the most interesting and attractive sites are a wonderful mix of this tiny country’s cultural and natural heritage. It is almost impossible to separate them, for it is from this pristine nature that its cultures and traditions evolved.

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